Heidi Byrne: Senior Instructor

Sonette de Villers: Instructor

Sonette de Villiers qualified as a Pilates instructor in 2006. She started doing Pilates because she enjoyed being strong and active, and once she realized the benefits of Pilates, and how much it helped her in her own activities, she decided qualifying as an Instructor to help other people who want to improve themselves was the path she needed to follow. 

After qualifying, Sonette worked with a group of physiologists and Chiropractors for 4 years to help their clients with injury rehabilitation and core strength. She also worked with Dietitians to get their clients in the right mindset, helping them love their bodies and motivating them to work hard at reaching their goals.

Sonette owned her own Pilates studio for 5 years. (she ultimately sold it to take a bit of a break from, teaching, but soon realized realized how much she missed teaching Pilates!)

When not working with clients, Sonette love to do trail running, various club runs, Park Runs, mountain biking, duathlon, snow boarding and hiking.

Sonette says: "I enjoy Pilates because it always stays challenging, and you can push yourself to your limits! By doing so it helps you to get better in so many ways! Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a pro athlete!"