Heidi Byrne: Senior Instructor

Jocelyn Vanderwalt: Senior Instructor

Joss is a full time, grade 3 teacher  and Pilates instructor. 
While completing her Bed at NMMU in Port Elizabeth, she completed her comprehensive mat and reformer certifications through Stott Pilates, under the training and guidance of Lisa Palmer. (Owner of the Movement Lab)

Joss relocated to Cape Town in 2011. She continued to gain her CEC's through STOTT workshops, both here in Cape Town, and Port Elizabeth. 

If she is not teaching or doing Pilates, she enjoys running, swimming, triathlon, hiking, golf and being active. Her husband is the owner of a Crossfit gym in the area and they are both outdoor enthusiasts. 

Joss strongly believes that mobility is the key to enjoying life, and Pilates gives you just that.