A goal without a plan is just a Wish! 

Stop wishing and start working on those goals!! 

Do you know about the benefits of Reformer Pilates? If not, now is the perfect time to find out. Keep reading to see all that you will get from Flex Pilates!


What You'll Gain

  • Confidence
  • ABS ABS ABS!!! 
  • Overall strength & flexibility 
  • Relief from back pain and / or body aches 
  • A new stress reliever
  • Mind Body Connections
  • Friendships 
  • A safe Pre & Post-Natal workout
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What We Offer

  • Personalised 55 minute full body Pilates Reformer workout
  • Classes throughout the day, Mon - Sat
  • Online Booking & MINDBODY mobile App
  • Goal setting & accountability 
  • Knowledgeable Instructors 
  • Maximum of 6 clients per class
  • A studio that cares, supports & encourages your journey!
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How To Get Started

  • Register Online - Click the link at the top of the page or go HERE
  • Choose your class package from our pricing page or directly from the MindBody online store
  • Book your first class via MindBody
  • Payments can be made by EFT or in the studio by Credit Card or SnapScan! 
  • Please be courteous and make sure you show up to class or cancel if you can't make it.