SOLD OUT! * No Longer Available *

Monthly Unlimited Group Classes (Auto-renew on Debit Order)

Just R1925 per month!!                                                        

(**see Terms and Conditions below for details)

Below is a chart to help determine if the Unlimited package is right for you. We never want our clients paying for something they won't use. 

unlimited image.png

As you can see, if you're averaging 3-4 classes per week, your average cost per class is going to be UNDER R100! There's no other deal like it and it won't last long! And, if you're one of those "Flex Fanatics" who is coming to class every day, well, you are getting the best Pilates on offer for less than the price of a sandwich!!



Flex Pilates uses Debit Order software to process payments for all clients on our Monthly Unlimited Group Class Contracts

Setup is as easy as 1-2-3!

STEP 1: If you haven't already, please register now on the Flex Pilates Mindbody system. This is where you can book and cancel classes online, and view/manage all aspects of your account. To Register (or log in), click HERE.           

STEP 2: Once you have setup your MindBody account you will login and navigate to the "Online Store" tab in your Mindbody profile, and look to the right for the "Contracts" Link. Alternatively, follow this LINK. Click the Contracts link and follow the steps through checkout. This will include agreeing to the Renewing One Month Contract agreement. This contract can be cancelled at ANY time, simply by giving 14 days written notice prior to your next Debit Order payment.        

You have now completed the MindBody portion of the debit order setup process.  One last step and you're all set. 

STEP 3: Click HERE, or copy and paste the following link into your browser -                                                                                                           You will now "Create New Account" by simply entering your name and phone number. From there, you will enter your banking details, accept the online mandate, and then wait for your welcome email with your login details, as well as an email and a copy of the mandate you electronically signed.

** Please note, this is NOT the same as your MindBody login information. You will need to create a new account for the debit order system. 

You have now completed the debit order setup. Please be sure to check your email and read through for any further instructions. 

Monthly Unlimited Class Package - Terms and Conditions

+ Who can sign up for this Auto Renew Monthly Unlimited Class Package?

The good news is that anyone can sign up! Existing clients, as well as new clients, are eligible.

+ Am I locked into a Contract?

Contract Duration and Automatic Renewal: Initial Contract term minimum is 3 months. Thereafter contract renews monthly on Contract Start Date anniversary, with automatic renewal for subsequent months, unless cancelled by either you, the client or Flex Pilates, with WRITTEN notification 14 days in advance of the next billing date (assuming 3 month initial minimum period has expired).

+ What is the cancellation policy for the Monthly Unlimited Class contract?

The cancellation policy is very simple. Once you have met the initial contract term minimum of 3 months, just send us an email at at least 14 days prior to your contract renewal date, and let us know in writing that you would like to cancel your contract. Thats it!

+ Can't I just pay by credit card or EFT?

Sorry, This deal is only available on debit order. The good news, you get to come to class as often as you'd like and never have to remember to repurchase classes.

+ Can I suspend or put my contract "on hold"?

Not at this time. Because of the extremely aggressive sale price of this contract, we are not offereing suspends or holds. If, for some reason, you need to take an extended break from Pilates, you always have the option to cancel the contract with 14 days written notice prior to the renewal date. NOTE, however, that if you decide to sign up again, you will be singing up at the then prevailing rate, whatever that is, and this future rate may be higher than the limited time offer price.

+ What does "Unlimited" really mean?

Well, at Flex Pilates, "Unlimited" means you can book and attend ONE class per day, EVERY single day of the month. If you want to book additional classes per day, you will need to purchase a drop-in or class package.

+ How often are Debit Order batches run?

Our system runs Debit Order batches, on average, every 5 days (if this falls on a weekend, the batch will be run the next business day). So, if you sign up on the 7th of any month, it's likely the next batch will be run around the 10th of the month (5th, 10th, 15th, 20th etc). There may be a slight variation in batch run dates from time to time. If you suspect any of this may cause a payment issue, please feel free to contact us, and we'll do what we can to help.

+ Booking & Cancellation Policy.

Our Booking & Cancellation Policy appiles to Monthly Unlimited Packages. Please kindly note that we pay our instructors even if you don't show up.

For Monthly Unlimited Contracts, clients are charged R200 per occurance for "late cancels" or "no Shows."

We have a 12-hour cancellation policy on all classes booked. MindBody allows you to see if you are within the cancellation window. (download the App) or log into your MINDBODY account. Other clients may be waiting for a spot to open up, so as a courtesy, we ask that you cancel as soon as you know you will not make it to class.

  • A “late cancel” (failure to cancel 12 hours in advance) or “no show” (failure to cancel)
  • Recurring “no shows” (failure to cancel) will result in a penalty fee (at the studio's discretion). Your account will be placed on hold until the penalty fee is paid in full. You will be notified in writing before any penalty fee is levied.

For more details, please visit our FAQ page.