Flex Pilates Equipment: Available in levels 1 | 1.5 | 2 | 2.5

Our signature group equipment based class with a maximum of 6 students. Semi-private, hands on instruction from our qualified instructors. We focus on form, stability, core strength and flexibility. The reformer is the primary apparatus used in all Flex Pilates classes but the Pilates chair and springboard may also be used depending on the class experience level. 

Flex Barre: Available in level 1.5

No tutu required! Fusing Pilates and our favorite barre techniques, we concentrate on isometric exercises to offer you a safe, low impact, booty toning, leg lengthening and core strengthening workout. In addition to the Barre, you will use a variety of Pilates apparatus including the mat, reformer, chair and springboard. No barre experience necessary.

Flex Cardio: Available in Level 1.5

Cardio cravings? Our fun, low impact, full body workout designed to get your heart pumping, burn fat and work the core. Your instructor will guide you through a series of low, medium and high intensity intervals performed using the Pilates jump board. Each cardio session is followed by a full body cool down. *A towel is recommended for this class. 

Flex TRX: Available in level 1.5

A distinct approach to suspension training. In this powerful fusion of Pilates and TRX you will challenge every muscle by using your own bodyweight and gravity as resistance. This is a highly effective total body workout designed to improve your coordination, strength, stamina, flexibility and balance. We spend approximately 20 minutes using the TRX, and the rest of class is spent on the other Pilates equipment.

Private Sessions

All sessions will be tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. Private sessions are available during non group class hours only. Please check the schedule for available times. 

Prenatal & Postnatal Classes

We have several instructors trained to guide you through each stage of pregnancy and beyond.

Our signature group equipment class structured specifically for our preggie mums & new mums! Pilates is low impact and gentle on the joints making it safe and effective all the way through to the last week. Our classes will help you strengthen your abdominals and pelvic floor (crucial for pregnancy & delivery). Align and balance the body through carefully selected exercises which will also help reduce back pain and aches. Learn to control and relax your breathing to assist throughout pregnancy and labour. Safely regain strength after delivery 

*Babies who are not yet mobile (not crawling or walking), are welcome to join mum. 

If you prefer or require a more personalised experience, we do offer Private sessions. 

Please enquire here for more information on pre and post natal classes. 

Experience Level Details

Flex Level 1.0 

Intended for beginners and those returning to exercise after injury or pregnancy. We want you to experience all the benefits Pilates has to offer in a safe and nurturing environment. The focus will be on proper form, stability and core strength. This class is taught at slower pace but is still challenging and effective. It is crucial to your practice to grasp all basic PIlates movements before moving on to another level. Fundamental pilates movements only. Inversions will not be taught in this class. This is a reformer based class.  We recommend you take between 5-15 level 1.0 classes before speaking to your instructor about progressing to level 1.5.

Flex Level 1.5 

A step up from our Flex 1.0 class we move and flow at a slightly quicker pace while introducing additional Pilates repertoire and apparatus including but not limited to the chair, springboard, arc and a variety of props. This is a great level to really perfect your movement before moving on to more advanced work. We will focus on greater body control, stability, balance and overall strength to help encourage proper functional fitness. Not recommended for those new to Pilates, equipment classes, or a group equipment setting. Our Level 1.5 is great for those coming to class 2-3 times per week. We promise you won't get bored at this level. 

Flex Level 2.0 

Great for students who are ready for an extra challenge or who wish to enhance athletic performance. We layer in more repertoire at a moderate pace. Flex 2.0 does require much greater strength, flexibility and stability so we recommend that you have completed between 20-30 level 1.5 group classes. No beginners, please. 

Flex Level 2.5 

Our most advanced class. Upbeat, moderate to fast paced, fun and flowing!  Intermediate and advanced repertoire is taught.  Experience is required so please do NOT book unless you have approval from an Instructor.  Absolutely no beginners, please. 

Advanced students are always welcome to join a fundamental level class, however, we ask that beginners do not advance themselves. 

If you are unsure about where to start or when to progress to the next level, please speak to an instructor.