Why Slow & Steady Wins The Pilates Race

Why Slow and Steady Wins the Pilates Race.

Pilates is not something to rush or just get through with little effort. Pilates is meant to be practiced with thought, control and precision. As with most things, we can put in our full attention and effort or we can approach it with little thought and little effort. If you are coming to a Pilates class, it is safe to assume you are looking for some physical benefits and perhaps some mental benefits as well. In order to achieve these benefits you need to prepare to put in a lot of thought and a lot of effort. In order to control your physical body, you must be connected mentally. You need to find your breath, find your center and move with intention and purpose. As instructors we cannot move for you or feel an exercise for you. We can only explain and recommend ways that may help you connect. If find you are not making those connections, or keep thinking, “I feel nothing,” please speak to your instructor so we can help you get to where you need to be.

Here are a couple things to keep in mind when you come to your next class.

1.   Be prepared to listen to your instructors’ cues. We may repeat ourselves over and over but this is for good reason. It’s important to try to pick up on the little things we are giving you and implement as many of them as you can. One day you will really hear what we are saying and you will love that we remind you to “drawn your navel to your spine” J

2.   Learn to move with your breath. If we breathed as fast as some us of move, we would hyperventilate. SLOW DOWN! Slow down the movements and move with control and precision. There is a good reason those are two of Joseph Pilates Principles. You will immediately feel the difference if you just slow down and move with your breath.

3.   Group Pilates Classes are a fun way to experience Pilates, but, please do not mimic your neighbor. Your mental focus should be on your own body, not trying to keep up with your neighbor (unless it’s an instructor who is demonstrating) IF and when you’re ready, move up to a higher level for a faster pace, more athletic performance based class.

4.   Enjoy! Try to just relax and enjoy the process of moving your body. Without trying to sound “woo woo,” this really is about listening to your body and doing what is best for you in the moment. We are not always at the same level everyday so it’s important to really listen to the little cues our bodies give us. When all else fails, refer to tip # 2 above.

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