How Flex Pilates Was Born

 How Flex Pilates was born

What do you do when you can’t find what you’re looking for? Well, you create it! 

Part 1: The Realization 

For me, Pilates has become a way of life, a necessity for my body and mind. I am not a private session once a week kind of girl. I am the 4-5 reformer classes a week, every week, rain or shine, any day and time I want, kind of girl. Being an Orange County, California native accustomed to having tons of Pilates and fitness studios with tons of class options to choose from every day of the week, (we are very spoilt) I felt something was missing after moving to Cape Town. I was having an extremely hard time finding a studio or class that could meet my needs. Sure, there are plenty of good studios in the area, but not many that offer group equipment classes throughout the day at an experience level that could challenge me. Please don't get me wrong, the classes I have taken here were taught by wonderful instructors whom I respect, and each one gave me a great workout.  I just couldn’t deny the nagging feeling that something deeper was missing. The variety of class options, affordability, convenience and of course the group energy, camaraderie, and the extra motivation you feel when you’re in a group equipment class. There really is nothing better! I kept thinking there is no way I am only one feeling this way… This is what got the wheels turning… 


Part 2: The Why

As a wife and mother, I am all too familiar with the struggle of finding an hour to myself, so, when I get it, I use it wisely; which is why any physical fitness activity I engage in requires three things: convenience, flexibility and variety.  I want to be able to check a studio schedule from my phone or computer and know there are multiple classes to choose from both morning and evening. I want to know that I can book online a week in advance, or alternatively book a 9am class at 8am and show up an hour later for an awesome workout.  I don't want to wait hours or days for email, SMS or phone call responses just to book a class. I want to be able to drive to my studio and not stress about parking or have to drive around in circles down tiny streets because I can’t find the sign to the building or house (sadly, this happened to me many, many times)… I can understand and appreciate that Capetonians may be used to this but it doesn’t have to be this way! It CAN be all things wonderful! Convenient, accessible, beautiful, fun and effective!!!  


Part 3: The How 

After going over this “dilemma” with my husband, we started brainstorming. We literally spent hours and hours going over all the reasons we could and should open our own studio, we also spent a few hours discussing why we shouldn’t… obviously we ignored those reasons :)  Finally, after weeks of talking, my brilliant husband decided it was time to take a leap of faith (A HUGE ONE)!! We were ready to move forward and begin the process of opening our ideal Pilates studio. We found ourselves a convenient*, easily accessible location in Steenberg Village Centre, Constantia. Located on the ground floor right next to SAND (if you haven’t been, GO!), there is plenty of free parking, and drum roll please….. not one, but THREE, coffee shops**… This had to be a sign from the universe! 

From day one, our goal has always been to offer you the best service, in an ideal location with highly qualified instructors. We have implemented the best systems, processes and procedures to ensure a top quality experience each and every time you walk through those studio doors. You’ll be greeted by smiling, friendly & attentive staff, where you will enjoy awesome, affordable workouts in a luxurious environment with the best equipment available. You get to catch up with friends, old and new to discuss how much “Pilates has changed your body!” :) You’ll walk a little taller, sit a little straighter and smile a lot bigger! Last but certainly not least, we have created a space that allows us to share our passion for health and fitness…!

We really hope you are as excited as we are and we can’t wait to workout with you!!

* Convenient: A word that I possibly may have overused but only because convenience makes people happy and we can all benefit from more happiness! 

** To any of the coffee shops in Steenberg Centre who may be reading this: Whoever adds Bulletproof coffee to their menu first, wins my loyalty. No joke! xx

*** Shoutout to my favorite California instructors! You all know who you are and without all of your awesomeness, I wouldn’t have such high expectations!! :) :) :)