5 Reasons You Should Workout This Winter!


We know it's tempting to skip a workout when those temps drop, but that is the last thing you should do.  In fact, it is even more important to continue your workouts during winter. Below are five reasons to make fitness a priority this winter. 

For Your Health! 

Of Course!! Exercise is good for your health, you already know that. Did you also know that by continuing to exercise during the colder winter months, you help keep you immune system functioning properly? The immune boost from exercise can help prevent colds and flu. Thats enough of a reason for us! 

For Your Mood!

Another no brainer! Exercise releases endorphins, which make us feel good. During the winter months we like to make excuses to not workout. It’s too cold, too wet, too dark, too… wintery… The problem is that when we stop working out, we no longer have those happy hormones (endorphins) flowing which can then lead us to feel depressed. Get your mood booster, then you can go home and cosy up by the fireplace.

For Warmth!

Whats the fastest way to warm up the body? Exercise! Get your blood flowing and warm the body from the inside. Just one hour of exercise can actually keep you warm hours after you finished your session. 

For Your Summer Body!

We have all been there, bikini seasons arrives and we wonder how on earth we are going to drop those 2kgs, tighten our middle and slim those thighs… As previously mentioned, we like to make excuses to avoid our workouts in the winter. Bad idea. Stay committed to your routine and you won’t have to worry about having a bummer bikini season.

For YOU! 

Flex Pilates is all about healthy choices and we believe exercise should be at the top of everyone’s list. Winter can be tough but lets be honest, we don’t have to plow snow or dig our way to our cars. We have pretty great weather here in Cape Town. Take advantage of the quieter months while people are away and make it a goal to double your classes per week or to mix up your sessions with a TRX or Barre fusion class. Make yourself a priority this winter. You will notice a difference immediately. 

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