About Flex Pilates Studio

Flex Pilates is the Premier Group Reformer Pilates Studio in South Africa. We are located in Steenberg, Cape Town. Our studio is equipped with brand new, state of the art reformers imported from the U.S.A., highly qualified and internationally trained instructors, as well as the widest variety of group equipment classes available, 6 days a week. 

Reformer Pilates gives you results! Results you may not be getting elsewhere. We believe it is important to only offer our clients the best, and that is why we have chosen to specialize in the popular Group Reformer Pilates Method. Either as a stand-alone form of exercise or as a compliment to your sport, or other training, Reformer Pilates will give you the extra edge to reach your goals. You will run further, lift heavier, cycle faster, whatever it is, Pilates will take you to the next level. 

This is one of the hottest, most sought after workouts amongst International celebrities and athletes. Reformer Pilates is the method used by the elite and where trainers go to train. Join us to find out why!

In addition to our traditional Flex Pilates equipment class, we offer a variety of fusion classes including Flex Cardio, Flex Barre, and Flex TRX (depending on location). These unique classes are designed to Increase strength, stamina, and flexibility, and leave you with a new appreciation for your strong, toned and supple body.

Clients can expect to receive semi-private, hands on instruction from our team of talented instructors. With a maximum of 6 clients per class, instructors can keep a close eye on everyone, while also making sure you are maximizing your class time and getting a top-quality workout. Corrections and modifications will be given to those who require them, ensuring you are practicing in the safest environment. All classes are taught to upbeat, energizing music to keep you inspired and motivated during class.

We believe fitness should be functional and fun so not only will you experience an awesome, effective workout, you will learn how apply the principles learned in our Pilates classes, to your daily life. This is crucial as we spend more time behind the computer or in our cars. Pilates will change the way you move throughout your day!

For those of you recovering from an injury, returning after pregnancy or just looking to take your practice to the next level, we also offer private sessions during non group training hours. Please check the schedule for available times. 

 About Flex Pilates Studio